Sunday, December 15, 2019

Moissanite: Why it Was Our Choice

Back in June, D and I spent a weekend off-leash training one of our dogs, which involved 2-a-day hikes.  We had a lot of time to chat, and spent a decent portion of it talking about our next few years together, and what we wanted.  Both of us had known for a while that marriage was a next step for us, and I just-so-happened to have my dream engagement ring bookmarked on my phone to show him (you know, just in cases).  In a sort of wild movement of the universe, two days later, the company who made the ring announced a one-time-only sale.  We hemmed and hawed over making the decision that quickly, but ended up deciding to jump on the savings, understanding that we would get engaged later (our definitions of later ended up being different and I just about lost my mind by October).

The ring we chose is by The True Gem company, which works only with moissanite and (very recently) lab grown diamonds.  It was important to me that we not buy a diamond ring for a few reasons.  I was uncomfortable with the amount of money they cost, especially because I recognize there is a huge sentimental/marketing mark up.   Ethically, it was also a major concern that I could not know for sure whether or not an earth-mined diamond was conflict-free, and lab-created diamonds are still bananas expensive. I briefly considered colored stones, but as a person who doesn't wear color, it didn't feel like the right fit.

Moissanite is a colorless gemstone with a similar hardness as diamonds, so it is durable for lifetime, daily use.  It was originally discovered in a meteorite and has since been lab-created for the most part.  The biggest difference between diamonds and moissanite, by my estimation, is that moissanite refracts light in rainbows, not white, and is sparklier than diamonds.  I have nearly caused several accidents while distracted by the light show my ring is creating on the roof of my car.  It's pretty cool and v distracting.

Moissanite is not a fake-diamond, it's its own gemstone.  If you are considering it, I would encourage you to see one in real life, as they're a little different and pretty fun.  There is some internet controversy about moissanites being "fake diamonds" and a cop out to getting a "real" engagement, but I've come to realize that all of that comes from social conditioning around what engagement rings are "supposed to be".  My ring is beautiful, and I love it, but the thing that means so much more to me is who gave it to me, and what it symbolizes. At the end of the day, engagement rings are promises, and it just doesn't matter what they look like, as long as the person wearing it loves it and stands by the promise.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019


Welp, it's been a hot minute, internet. In fact, it's been a year.  So, hi.  I've missed it here.  As might be expected, quite a lot has changed.

This year, I learned to make macaroons, I went camping, we went to Nashville, Tallulah turned 5 and remains very beautiful and very terrible, I fell deeply in love with a chihuahua. I finished all but my last semester of graduate school (WOOHOO).  Worked 25 hours, plus an internship and school.  Started a new placement that is incredibly challenging and rewarding.  D moved to a new state and started a new job, so we continued to spend every other weekend traveling to be together. 


And we got engaged. So like, that's a thing.  Overall, it's been an incredibly challenging and equally rewarding year. I'm so grateful for the things I've been able to experience, and the support I've received.  Here's to an even better 2020

Friday, January 25, 2019

Dagne Dover Dakota Review

I am officially turning in my tote-bag fanatic badge. We had a good run, but now I am an old lady with an old lady back, and shoulder bags no longer work for me.  I've tried out a couple of backpacks over the last 6 months or so, and recently fell in love with the Dagne Dover Dakota bag, in size large.  It is my one true love, sorry honey.  I got the bag because, in any given day, I am at two different jobs for 12+ hours, commuting 2 hours or in classes, so I need to basically have my life with me at all times.  My requirements for a new backpack were that it looked good, was cleanable and durable, and that it had as many pockets as possible.

She's a beaut.  I ended up choosing the large size of the Dakota mostly for the separate laptop compartment.  I have drowned not one but two laptops because I'm not a real adult and wanted a bag the protected my precious from liquid.  The entire bag is neoprene, with a nylon lining, and the laptop sleeve is it's own unit, so liquid spillage up front wont impact the back.  Neoprene also means the bag is water resistant and super easy to clean.  I got it in Liberty, which is a sea green (closest to IRL color is the picture up top, no idea why it looks so blue below but 45 minutes in lightroom got me nowhere, so that's what I've got).  All of the bags have matching hardware, which gives the bag a very monochrome look that I love.

 The bag is basically pocket central.  There are, by my count, 14 pockets of various sizes and closures.  I can fit everything I need for the day in the pockets without using the middle space, which I can then fill with meal preps, sweaters, miscellaneous items, my hopes and dreams, all that good stuff. The back pocket of the middle section has an elastic strap to keep everything in place, which is brilliant if you have folders or a planner like me.  It would also support a laptop - mine is 13 inches, but there's lots of room in each direction. I appreciate how flexible the organization is, and am confident it will be perfect for travel.

I love how functional the bag is, everything has it's place and is very easily accessible whenever you need it (elastic pen holders are my love language). You get a bonus mini bag that holds pens perfectly, as well as a nylon bag ostensibly for shoes that I'm not sure how I'll use, but goodness do I love a gift with purchase. The handles are incredibly comfortable and, while my bag is the size large, I don't find it uncomfortable for all day wear maybe because the straps are padded, adding a ton of comfort.

Overall, I think the bag is great for people on the go who need to have a lot of things with them.  The design is beautiful and grown up, I would not hesitate to bring it to meetings or into an office.  I appreciate the thoughtful and sleek design and am hoping it holds up over time!

There are tons of beautiful colors, if you're into something else here

ps in case you were wondering, Tallulah is still beautiful