Monday, February 5, 2018

Movie Pass Review

I, like everyone on the planet, recently signed up for MoviePass, a subscription service for movie tickets.  So far, I've used the service a few times, so it's already paid for itself this month and we've still got 4 weeks of Oscar season left!

How it Works -

You sign up here and pay 10 dollars a month.  MoviePass then sends you a debit card with your name on it, which you can use at any applicable movie theater. I placed my order on January 18th, my card arrived on January 28th, which seemed faster than average, according to my googling. Once the card arrives, you can use it immediately. To buy tickets, you download the MoviePass app, check in at the theater and show that you want to attend, and the magic elves move money onto your card, which you use to buy the tickets. I was skeptical the first time I did it, but it really does work, and super quickly!

What I Like -

As someone who works 60+ hours a week and basically doesn't leave campus for days on end, having a 'free' activity that gets me out of my head feels like a miracle. Even on a tight budget, 10 bucks a month feels manageable, and I really do love going to movies.  Also, every movie theater near me is on MoviePass, so my options are open (check locations here)!

What I Don't -

The locations are hit or miss - there are few theaters near my parents, who live in a way more populated area than I do.  Also, I'd love the option of using the MoviePass app as an e-ticket in more theaters, but that's mostly so that I can talk to even fewer people...

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