Friday, January 19, 2018

72 Hours in Nashville

As a part of my Christmas gift this year, Mom and I flew down to Nashville for MLK weekend.  We caught an early flight out of Boston, which means we got to Nashvegas by 10 and jumped RIGHT into things.  We've been down there quite a few times, so we skipped most of the touristy stuff and mostly stuck to favorites.


10 - Yoga! The reason we went down there, ostensibly, was that one of my brother's best friends from Vanderbilt had a gallery opening/pop-up yoga classes, so that was our first stop. If anyone is in Nashville, the show is up through this month and is delightful - highly recommend.

11:30 - Brunch at Sutler.  Delicious, but JAM PACKED. We lucked out and got easy seats at the bar, so we enjoyed some yummy food and people watching.  It's bottomless mimosas on the weekend, pro tip is to order a can of Radler to go along. It's a grapefruit "beer" (not really) that really pops the mimosa-ness.

1:00 - Haus of Yarn. Cause who doesn't want to shop for yarn slightly tipsy?! I don't knit, but my knitter mother was very happy, and I liked petting all of the soft things.

3:00 - AirBnB check in.  Our stay was awesome - the apartment was a bit sterile in terms of decorations, but was very comfortable and well located.  We'd definitely stay there again.

6:30 - Dinner and Pats game at Taco Mamacita.  I LOVE tacos and margs and chips and salsa, so it's hard to disappoint me when those things are involved, but Taco Mamacita impressed me.  I actually didn't love the chips or salsa, but the spicy margaritas made up for it, and the plantain taco was the best I've ever had.  Highly recommend, and not just because the Patriots won.


9:30 - Breakfast at Marche.  My brother and I came here together before, so I knew I liked it.  The almond croissant we had was insane, and I loved my quiche. Mom got the breakfast poutine, which was very unlike her, and she liked it but didn't love it. We tried to wander around 5 Points, which is a great neighborhood, but Nashville is basically a ghost town on Sunday mornings, so we didn't have much to do.

1:00 - Movie at The Belcourt.  The theater itself is a joy - beautiful architecture, real popcorn, actual booze.  I cannot recommend The Phantom Thread, because I found the plot insufferable.  The acting is incredible, but not worth 2 hours and 13 dollars.

5:30 - Dinner at Hopdoddy.  If you're a vegetarian, please get yourself down there ASAP.  The Impossible was the best veggie burger I've ever had, it blew my mind.  Also, the place is adorable, there are tons of options and our bartender was another girl named Kyle.  Must do.

9:00 - Drinks and games at The Hurry Back. I cheated, Mother, I'm sorry.  We went to meet up with one of my brother's best friends, ended up basically being the only ones in the bar, so we got a lot of attention.  It's a really fun place to hang out - great list on tap and tons of games/activities to engage with.


8:00 - Last yoga class :(

9:30 - Breakfast at Biscuit Love. Holy crap, this place is good. It's a long time family favorite, so it was not my first time.  The biscuits are insane, but the cheese grits are equally delicious. And the coffee is wicked strong.  You can't not go...

11:00 - Souvenir shopping for Goo Goo clusters, plus Hillsboro Village, which is adorable.

12:00 - Tea at High Garden. Guys, this place is a lot.  It's got herbal remedies for literally everything, every kind of tea ever, all kinds of kombucha and juices.  It also looks like the inside of a hobbit's home and Mom and I both thought that Billy Crystal from Princess Bride was due to come around any corner.  It's an experience and fun, if you're into that kind of thing.

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