Monday, July 17, 2017

FabFitFun Review

Hellloooooo from the other sideeeeeee. Guys, this spring kicked my butt. And also, I didn't feel like blogging.  This summer has been all about getting myself back on track, which included rekindling the writing flame, so here we are. With a riveting review of a subscription service. Woot.

I subscribed to FabFitFun in a moment of instragram induced weakness.  My least favorite thing about the service is that everyone and their mother promotes them (not me, fwiw), which means that I am inundated with pictures of the boxes. It did, however, work.  I bought in on the month that one of my favorite skincare products (this) was in it, and cost more than the subscription did, figuring that even if I hated the rest of the box, I got a thing I knew I would like for cheaper than it retailed for.

In the boxes since, I have been impressed with the variety of high quality products that get sent.  It is a deeply random assortment, but it feels a bit like getting a Christmas stocking once a season, and I do love stockings.  So far, there have been no products that I chuck outright, knowing I won't use them, and there have been several that I have repurchased (including gummy vitamins I ate like they were fruit snacks).  I really appreciate that the samples are 'real' products - I've heard of the brands, and it doesn't feel like items that were leftover in some warehouse for years until they decided to send them to us (cough*birchbox*cough).  Winners from the pictured box were the BKR water bottle I've been lusting after for years and a favorite sunscreen.

Overall, it's a fun investment for me.  The box is more expensive, around 50 dollars, but only comes  out 4 times a year, and the value is off the charts.  I would definitely recommend it as a fun treat for yourself.

Purchase here, with 10 dollars off

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