Monday, February 13, 2017

Trader Joe Favorites Pt 2

In these times of political upheaval and a pavlovian response to alerts on my phone that takes several minutes to calm down from, isn't it nice to just focus on some delicious stuff?  Trader Joe's continues to reign supreme in provider of my favorite foods, and I've found a few new loves since my first post.

Garlic fries // Relatively new to my life, the garlic fries have changed me.  The fries themselves are delightful, but then you get this garlicky buttery stuff that you pour on and it's heaven.

Dark chocolate peanut butter cups // I am the last person to get on this bandwagon, but if you have't tried the delicious-ness, hop on it.

Swirly cheese // I had not idea what this cheese was called, which made google image searching it hard (trader joes swirly cheese, trader joes brie that tastes pointy, trader joes softish cheese).  Not exclusive to TJ's, this cheese is soft like brie, but the taste is more interesting, like a softer blue.

Soft pretzel stick // The perfect addition to any soup meal, and flawless when made into a grilled cheese, or just eaten out of the bag on the ride home like an animal.

Parmesan crisps // The other perfect addition to soup.  Buy tomato soup, add these to the top, bask in the glory.  Also, caesar salad.

Narwhal tea // Confusing, cause the narwhal is on the inside, but that's what I call it.  It's minty and light and delicious. I bought a record 9 boxes during this holiday season and have finished half of them.

GIANT CORN // If you are into salty, crunchy snacks, these will be perfect for you.  It's basically like crunchier popcorn, with lots of salt and a bit more flavor.  I actually have to portion out the bag when I get home, otherwise I will eat the entire thing in a sitting and hate myself.

Shredded 3 cheese blend // I find most shredded cheese disappointingly flavorless, but not this stuff.  It's bananas delicious and the best egg cheese I've ever found.

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