Thursday, February 9, 2017

Damn Good Skincare Review

About a year ago, the etsy shop Damn Good came across my radar, though I cannot for the life of me remember how.  In my quest to be a little more ethical/sustainable, and support as many local businesses/badass ladies as I can, I ordered a set (face wash, toner, oil), figuring that even if I didn't love it, I felt good about where the money was going. Except I did love it, and have ordered three more.

The Details

In her etsy shop, Kate sells skincare products for your face and body, as well as man stuff, as she calls it.  You can buy each product individually, or in sets designed to complete your skincare routine. There are 3 kinds of toner and face wash, designed for sensitive, oily and combination skins, plus 5 different oil blends, so you can get a bit more specific.  Each product has a very detailed description, so I found it really easy to figure out which formula would work best for me (The Works).

Why I Love It

Supporting a badass lady // Kate, the woman who owns Damn Good, is a mom, wife and RN who makes the products in her home.  She lives in the US and sources almost everything locally, plus her husband looks like Khal Drogo and her kids are adorbs. 10/10 recommend.

Ethical ingredients // All of the ingredients used in Damn Good products are natural and preservative free, and almost everything comes from a local-to-Kate co-op.  Nothing gross, no chemicals, nothing you can't pronounce.

My skin is better // This is (obviously) the best part. Since I started using The Works face wash and toner, plus The Very Best and The Works facial oils, my skin has been pretty bomb.  The face wash is coconut oil based, but has baking soda and tea tree oil in it, so it's moisturizing, but also helps clear off dead skin and treat acne.  The toner and oil have also helped me balance my skin out. I still get hormonal breakouts, but the rest of the month, my skin is clear.

Overall, I've been loving my experience with my Damn Good products.  The prices are reasonable for what the products are.  I wish the containers were a bit more travel friendly, though I appreciate that glass is the right choice (preferable to plastic, certainly).  I love these products and will absolutely buy more

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