Wednesday, January 11, 2017

January Small Goals

Yay, start of the new year!! Though I've been shying away from resolutions, I thought getting back into small goals for the month would work. Every year, I give something up in January, so that's a goal (going well so far) and I'm also looking ahead to my second favorite season, award shows (football is first, duh).

1 Watch all the Oscar Best Picture nominations // This will bleed into February too, but it's my goal (from my 101 in 1001 list) to get all of the Best Pictures seen. I attempted it last year, but balked at The Revenant, so fingers crossed there are no aggressive bear movie nods this year

2 No sugar // 11 days in and I haven't touched pastries, ice cream, cookies or candy.  I was very murdery around day 5, but am feeling pretty good. Actually turned down an ice cream sundae recently, which I expected to trigger the end of the world, but I'm evidently not that powerful.

3 Tone It Up 5 Moves // My favorite fitness ladies put out 5 toning moves every day, and you're meant to complete 42 reps.  Other than the day they told me to do burpees, I've been doing well with it and hope to continue!

4 Read 2 books // Good lord, I am out of practice with reading, and it's driving me a bit nutty. I'm hoping to get through Single Ladies and something else before the end of the month.  So far, 15 minutes before bed has been working, especially if I plug my phone in out of reach.


  1. Love the TIU 5 Moves! So awesome to make that as a goal for the month - I'll have to do that later this year for one of my months for sure! And wow on sugar - so impressive!

  2. I know I sound absolutely crazy, but I found you on poshmark and there is the Zara Trench Jacket that I wanted to purchase from you! I've been logging in every day hoping your closet is still active! If you're willing to still sell it, could you sooooo kindly log in so I can purchase from you? LOL