Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Favorite Holiday and Getting Ahead

Happy November 1st, and my personal holiday season kick-off, though I try to keep it under wraps until after Thanksgiving so that my family doesn't kill me.  I totally appreciate wanting to tackle the holidays one at a time, but I also know that Christmas can get overwhelming REALLY fast for most people, so kicking a few things off earlier can make it easier.


Sending and receiving Christmas cards is one of my favorite parts of the season. It's like holiday cheer in an envelope.  I sent cards on my own the first year I didn't live with my parents, but lost track of it last year, so I'm committed to getting things done earlier this year.  Paperless Post has Rifle Paper Co cards that I'm obsessed with, though I love this one too (or maybe it's just the adorable picture/baby) and they have some that benefit charity.  I've got two years worth of pictures of Tallulah and I in a sleigh at the place my family typically gets our Christmas tree, so I'm hoping to get one there and use that!


One of the things that makes the holidays a little more stressful for me is that buying presents/travel/being home = budget busting, so I try to spread the costs I can anticipate (buying presents) out over the months before the holiday.  I've got the rest of my family figured out, and have started ordering some things. I don't want to spoil there surprises, but my own wishlist is below!  I really don't want that much stuff this year, which, all in all, seems about right.

Barbour hood (sage)
Roomba (might be cheaper elsewhere)
Allbirds Sneakers (natural gray)
Navy wool sweater


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