Monday, November 7, 2016

Ethical Gift Giving Guide

As I've mentioned, I'm trying to be more careful about where I spend my dollars.  With the holidays coming up, my goal is to give my loved ones gifts that they love, but also stays in line with my morals, especially now that we're pretty much all adults and don't need too much "stuff".  I've come up with a list of ideas below, but I'd love to hear yours!


Zady (25 dollars off 100) // Zady has their own clothing line, but they also sell products from other ethical brands, including jewelry, skincare and homewares.  Their mission and transparent practices are awesome, and I love that they actively support other brands that are doing good work. Emma Watson wore one of their sweaters in an outfit I immediately wanted to replicate, so if it's good enough for Hermione, it's good enough for me.

Everlane or Grana // I think that pretty much any adult can appreciate a really beautiful basic piece, which is both Grana and Everlane's wheelhouse. They recently dropped the price of cashmere (only 100 bucks), which is awesome, and they sell a variety of items for both men and women (cashmere sweatpants <3). The Everlane booties have been on my wishlist for ever, but they both also sell a lot of small, lovely gifts with lower price tags


Etsy (ebates) // Living in a part of the company where supporting small businesses is tough (just not a lot of access), I love that Etsy brings that marketplace to me wherever, whenever. I prefer to filter items made and shipped from the US, but Etsy makes it easy to shop however you like.  There are so many items on Etsy, you can buy something for everyone and contribute directly to an artisan.

Fair Trade // The Fair Trade designation can be given to items in a ton of different categories, not just homewares, but the linked list is a good place to start. Fair Trade means that the items were created through direct, equitable trade and that the producers are paid fair wages, work in safe conditions and minimize negative environmental impact.  There are physical Fair Trade stores and popups around the country, but the Fair Trade USA also has links to hundreds of partners that they've vetted.


Depending on who you are buying for, a charitable donation in their name or to a cause they believe in could be the perfect gift (looking at you, person who has everything). This database can help you figure out which charities do the most good with your money, and how moral their practices are.  Favorites of mine are Heifer International (pair with a stuffed animal for kids), Planned Parenthood and Save the Children.


The last few years, I've given my Dad tickets to something at least once a year. He's a tough guy to buy for, but we've really enjoyed the things we've gotten to do together.  I think a cooking class, floral arranging workshop or tickets to something is a great gift for loved ones.  Quality time is way more impactful than yet another thing.  Groupon often has awesome deals on things to do in your area at decent prices!

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