Wednesday, September 28, 2016

September Budget

Well this is anticlimactic.  Without meaning to, I only bought two things this month, and they weren't even very creative. I had a chambray shirtdress from J Crew that I loved, but I put it in the dryer a few too many times, and it was veering closer to a shirt than a dress, so it was time for an update.  This Target one has pockets, though, so it's more of an upgrade. The nude flats were another replacement, kind of. Both of my pairs of cognac flats died mouse-related deaths, and I was looking to replace one of them, but I fell in love with these from Target and decided to go nude instead.  Just as versatile and super cute!

Chambray shirt dress // $23
Nude Flats // $28

Currently, there isn't a single piece on my wishlist. I would like to pick up some cognac boots (something like this or maybe this) but am not in much of a hurry, so I'll probably wait and see if a good deal pops up. I also just ordered this set and am really excited to test it out, especially with the change in season!

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  1. I have been looking for a chambray shirt dress and thus far all I've tried on have fallen flat. I'm going to have to check out Target's! Those flats are so pretty...they look high end!

    1. Those flats do look like Ferragamo knockoffs, don't they? They're spot on.