Wednesday, September 7, 2016


These past few weeks have, expectedly, kicked my ass.  Students started arriving last Monday, which led to the arrival/orientation/duty commitments ramped up real quick. I loved it, and I love being back at work and in the swing of things, but I would also really love a nap.  Here's what's been keeping me going!

hearting // Booties, booties, booties, booties, rockin everywhere. Also, new Harry Potter

watching // ... Harry Potter... Always and forevermore.  I realized recently that I don't have many shows that I love, and most of them are still on break.  More time for reading!

exploring // The Berkshires!  I've lived here for 2 years and have spent a truly embarrassingly small amount of time exploring. This weekend is the first time off I'll have in 2+ weeks, and I booked myself into a fancy spa pedicure and then a little bit of time exploring one of the cute little towns.  Can't wait!

creating // Some new furniture configurations.  In a haze of deep exhaustion, I decided to take apart my couch and put it together differently, then move a few other pieces around to make my space more functional. So far, so good.

eating // Salad, please please please. I eat like absolute crap on weekends I have to work, so the last few days I've been inhaling fruits and veggies.  My CSA has pick-your-own tomatoes and I go after them with indecent haste.  I probably look rabid.

anticipating // Soccer mom season.  Most of the student I work most closely with play fall sports, and I love getting to watch them play. The weather is perfect, the kids are exciting, and I am starting to have a good enough understanding of soccer that I genuinely know what's going on!

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