Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Summer Goal Recap

Summer is over :(((  My students came back on Monday, classes start in a few days and we're back into the swing of things.  The routine is really nice, but it was a great summer, so I'm sad to see it go.  I did set a few goals early in the summer, and wanted to check in about what I did (and didn't...) accomplish.

1 // Solo vacation

Complete!  I spent a few days in Montreal on my own.  The trip was great, and it was really nice to be on my own in a new place.  It was challenging not to travel with someone, and I do think I've gotten to a place where I really prefer to be with family/friends when I travel, at least for more than a day.

2 // Fancy recipe

Complete!  Granted, I didn't make a super fancy meal, in that I didn't purchase goji berries or 42 different spices, but I did get a lot more creative with flavors, and really enjoyed using my CSA more creatively.  I'm hoping to keep the momentum up into the school year.

3 // Complete BBG

Lols, no.  I did 7 weeks, which is better than last time, but never got back to it after my road trip.  Honestly, not upset about it.  I still do the workouts occasionally, but not every other day.

4 // Climb a mountain

Complete!  I climbed Mount Chocorua during my trip to North Conway in June.  I LOVED the hike and the summit was gorgeous.  Didn't hurt that I hit my calorie goal on my way up, and nearly doubled it overall.

5 // Read 20 books

So close! I read 17, which is pretty good.  Most of my reading time is evaporating with the arrival of students, but I am still hoping to get through a few more in September - The Girls and First Comes Love cued up next.

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