Thursday, July 28, 2016

July Budget

Where did this month go?! Oh right, down the travel drain... Considering that I spent most of this month getting on and off of planes, trains and automobiles, I did some damage. Thanks Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (still going on, check out my recs).  Thankfully, everything, for the most part, will transition beautifully to fall and added some much needed pep to my closet!

Diff sunglasses // $50 (25% off if you use this link, seen here)
LOFT Circle Skirt // $20 (seen here)
LOFT Pull on Pencil // $20
LOFT White Jeans // $25
LOFT Olive Jeans // $25
BP Scarf // $18 (similar)
Caslon Knit Blazer // $38
Leith Stretch Pencil Skirt // $31 (similar)
Caslon Pants // $49

Total // $251
Quarterly Budget // $500 - $251 = $249 left for August and September!

Definitely spent a little more this month than normal, but I also got 9 things, most of which will serve me well going into the fall.  For next month, I'm actually hoping to avoid picking many things up - my closet feels pretty complete for right now, so it's just about buckling down and getting through the last of the oppressive heat!

Fit Notes // I ordered all the LOFT stuff in my usual sizes and everything fits great. The striped pencil skirt isn't too tight that I'm self conscious, which is great.  The circle skirt is a little see through, which can be tough with tucking things in, but it's not too noticeable.  I ordered a size down in the Caslon pants, which was a good move, even with my body shape.  The scarf is ENORMOUS, which I love, but it's definitely like having a small monkey hanging off my chest when I wear it (not that I've ever actually experienced that, but I'm using my imagination).  I'm obsessed with the blazer - it's tailored enough to look sharp, but is effectively a sweatshirt.

EDIT - I ended up returning the floral skirt. It's not double lined (unlike the LOFT skirt) and was very bootylicious for working with teenagers. Oh well.

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  1. I like how bright the scarf and skirts are! The colours are awesome. They'll match really nicely with fall colours without being too traditional. It's almost like an indian summer pallet.

  2. Perfect picks for fall. I love red jeans. I am looking for a pair like that.

  3. First off, LOVE the sunnies! So cute girl! Also, love the lighter wash of those olive pants. Do they feel like normal jeans or different (if that question makes any sense)? Thanks for sharing!
    Peace, Sarah

    1. Thank you! They mostly feel like a cross between jeans and chinos - thinner and softer than denim, but more structured than chinos

  4. I totally eyed those burgundy-ish skinnies! But I did way too much damage to buy anything else. I'm going to have to keep an eye on them and hope they go on sale in winter or something! I love my sage/olive jeans--great purchase!