Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Book Review // All the books ever....

This is a slightly insane book review, courtesy of 33 hours on a plane and a few sneaky pool hours while in Ghana and Nigeria for work. The trip was great, but I'm very glad to be home and back into my routine.

The Last Anniversary // I love Liane Moriarty and have reviewed her a couple of times before. Just like her other books, this one isn't exactly quality literature, but the plot is interesting and enjoyable, the characters are really fun to get to know better and the setting (always Australia) is just different enough.  This is pretty much my perfect vacation read - engaging and light, but it doesn't make you feel like your intelligence is slowly seeping away.

What If? // This book appeals to me significantly, but I doubt it's a general crowd pleaser.  Basically, people wrote in inane hypothetical questions (What does a mole of moles look like? If I were rising one foot per minute, when and how would I die?) and the author answered them scientifically.  I didn't actually read every single chapter of the book (some of the questions were wayyyy more nerdy than I had any interest in), but I loved the premise and genuinely enjoyed the author's tone/writing style.  I think this would be perfect for older kids with science interests.

Attachments // Rainbow Rowell is another of my favorite light-lit writers.  This is her first book, and I think my favorite of hers.  The story is told from two points of view - two women's emails to one another and the other is the man whose job is to monitor workplace emails and report violations.  All of the characters are interesting, if a little cookie cutter, and I really enjoyed learning more about their lives.  The ending was absolutely predictable, but I did still enjoy the book.

The Residence // Pegged as an insiders look at the White House, this is basically an ethnography of the White House private staff, pulled together from interviews with current and former employees. I had very high expectations for this book, and most were met.   My biggest gripe was that the author wasn't actually really putting out an objective view.  She was pretty clearly being very kind of the White House staffers and doing her best to make them all look good. On one hand, that's absolutely fine - they are great people who do a very impressive job; on the other hand, there isn't much shock value/interesting info divulged.  I definitely enjoyed learning more about how the White House functions, but the author is circuitous to the point of being repetitive and she spends a lot of time talking about how wonderful everyone is.  Recommend only if you're a White House/president nut.

American Housewife // A series of short stories that chronicles different American housewife stories, this wasn't at all what I was expecting, mostly because all of the housewives are utterly deranged. It only took me an hour or so to read, and was thoroughly enjoyable, so I definitely recommend it, but keep in mind - these ladies be cray.

The Forgetting Time // This book was pretty out of left field for me.  Uncharacteristically, I didn't read the summary before diving in, so was caught unawares by the premise - basically, reincarnation and what happens when people come back.  Beautifully written, I really enjoyed reading this story, even if I never could quite buy into the basic premise.  All three of the main characters were a bit under-written in my opinion,  and the focus was almost too singular (limited character development, maximum reincarnated people), but I did devour it in one sitting and definitely don't regret the time.  Certainly an interesting idea, even if I can't really get into it.

After You // Sequels are not a requirement, Jojo.  As much as I love the characters in this book and Jojo Moyes' writing style and story telling, this book felt like so much of a fame/money grab I couldn't get over it.  The story was about as cookie cutter as possible, there was next to no character development, and the "twist" was painfully cliche.  Honestly, I would have preferred to leave Louisa and Will and the rest as they were at the end of Me Before You...

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  1. It's hard to wrap my head around 33 hours on a plane for one trip, but the opportunities for uninterrupted reading seem pretty great!

    The Residence has been on my to-read list for a while. I saw a pretty interesting exhibit about the history of the White House staff (I think it was called Working White House), and it seems like there are sooo many more stories to tell. If those walls could talk...