Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Busy Girl's Guide to Staying Informed

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One of my personality flaws is the constant need to appear well-informed.  Some times, I actually am, which makes it easier, but not always (sorry, family).  In my quest to never make an idiot out of myself, I've committed to a few different ways of staying informed about all kinds of things - politics, my health, the news and friends.  Below is how I do it!

The Skimm // My number one, ride or die (what does that even mean?!).  The Skimm is a daily news digest that breaks everything that happened in the last 24 hours down into digestable chunks.  They cover everything from breaking news to pop culture, and do it with a bit (sometimes too much) of humor. They also do these great mini guides on bigger issues, like the election I've been a subscriber for a few years now, and it's a staple in my morning routine.

BBC News // I've never actually opened this app, but the push notifications I get on my watch/phone are indispensable.  They alert you to breaking news and link to bigger stories, but it allows you to (hopefully) be the first person in the room to know what's going on.  I broke the news of Justice Scalia passing away to my family and felt weirdly smug about it (the informing, not him dying).

Unroll Me // This is a little bit backwards in the world of staying involved, but stay with me.  It's a (free!) service that combines all of the promotional emails you get into one email that comes once a day.  I currently have 168 emails rolled up and was able to unsubscribe from 322, which means my inbox is WAY less cluttered and only the important things come through.  It also helps me stay away from sale temptation, because all of those emails show up together and less often.

Health App // For most of the Apple Health app's life, I've ignored it, like most people.  Recently, however, I've synced it up with all of my other health related apps, and now LOVE how it aggregates all of my data into one place.  I can see everything from specific nutrients to overall health stuff, which helps me figure out patterns/correlations. It's not the prettiest, and it took some getting used to, but now I love it and check it religiously.

Learnvest // Over the years, I've tried a handful of budgeting apps to keep me in the know about my own money.  Learnvest is by far my favorite, because I'm able to keep everything well organized, including my goals.  I love that there are so many customization options and that I get both a solid overall picture of my net worth, and plenty of detailed information about my spending habits.

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