Monday, February 22, 2016

May Designs Review

Wayyyyyy back in the day (sophomore year of college), the girl who sat next to me in my financial literacy lecture had a May Designs planner.  I was a little obsessed with it, but already had a planner.  Over the next few years, I kept revisiting the site, but never bought anything, despite loving all things notebooks and monograms.  I finally pulled the trigger a few weeks ago, when I fell in love with their stripe/floral cover and wanted to make an address book out of it (101 in 1001 goal).  I threw in the other one so that I could have a notebook that fits in my planner

The notebooks themselves are delightful - soft bound, but very sturdy feeling, with bright colors and lots of potential personalizations.  I love the dot graph especially - so useful for all different kinds of notebooks, but they do have everything from baby books to simple lines.  And I love that there are covers for all different occasions - some super girly, some more understated.

In terms of experience, May Designs couldn't have been better.  My order, despite being predicted at taking 2 weeks, arrived in about 8 days.  The packaging is adorable, and I love all the nice touches.  I also had a conversation with their customer service that was great. I had a question about pricing and a rep got back to me within 24 hours and was great.  Overall, big thumbs up on the whole process and the books are fabulous.

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