Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lust List // Luggage

As someone who travels quite a bit, my luggage situation is in need of an upgrade.  Last year, I bought this bag, which I adore for solo/adventure traveling and worked beautifully for Ireland last year, but my other options are LL Bean duffles I've had since 8th grade.  Not great.  I've decided to use a part of this year's tax refund to buy a set.  In general, I want a hard sided set, with at least one piece carry-on size. It needs to be dark enough to not show a ton of wear and high enough quality to last a while.  Here are the contenders.

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Diane Von Furstenberg // Delsey // Travelers Choice // IT Luggage

I'm still debating, but I love the looks of the DvF and the Delsey - super classic, but a little different. Any one ever used either/heard about either brand?

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