Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 Goals

Like everyone else, I cannot believe that 2016 is here. This year has the potential to be great, and I'm so excited about all to come.  To help myself start the year off with some focus, I've set myself three big goals, detailed below!

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Personal // For the past few years, I've dealt with some pretty big swings in my weight - some healthy, some not at all healthy.  Right now, I feel more confident in my body than I ever have, and I'm hoping to continue that. While losing weight is a part of my goal, my focus is on getting more exercise and building some muscle.  I've been loving my online fitness classes and am working on getting on a regular schedule with them, at least 3 times a week

Travel // Last year, I got to travel a ton - Ireland, England, Chicago, Miami, Chicago again. It was amazing, and I definitely want to keep it up.  So far next year, I have two trips to Nashville booked (February for fun, May for brother's graduation) and a trip to London (!!!!!!!!) in August.  My goal for this year is to add in at least two more trips - one to Canada and one to a state I've never visited.

Financial //  Generally, I'm pretty good with money.  I don't spend what I don't have, and my debts are limited to the unavoidable - car and student loans.  The last 3 or so months of 2015, however, I started to feel like my spending wasn't really lining up with my goals, and that I could be a lot smarter about where my money was going.  After crunching some numbers, I realized that I could be debt-free in less than 3 years, if I stopped spending so much at J Crew...  This year, I am limiting clothing etc shopping to 500 dollars every 3 months (so 2000 per year) and starting to ramp up payments on my student loans.


  1. Good luck with the accelerated debt repayment!

  2. Look at you, already taking a nice swipe at that travel goal. Ghana and Nigeria, here you come!!

  3. We picked the same budget - seems to be a popular amount - hopefully because it works for us all!! :) Good luck!