Monday, December 28, 2015

December Budget

Oh, hello, budget.  It's been a while.  Sorry that I blatantly ignored you all month. In case it passes your notice, everything I bought, minus the bow top, is gray or navy.  The Uniqlo jeans/pants etc immediately became my favorite things - so comfy, so easy to wear, and they mostly look like real pants, but without buttons. The bow back top was a hit over Christmas, but I think I'll get more wear out of it, and the Banana Republic dress has been on my wishlist for months and I scored it in the after-Christmas sale for 10% of the listed price. It's a Christmas miracle.
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1 // Uniqlo Jeans
2 // Uniqlo Navy Pants
3 // Uniqlo Long Sleeve
4 // J Crew Bow Back
5 .// LOFT Ruffle Sweater
6 // Banana Republic Dress

Fit Notes // Everything fits TTS for me. The Uniqlo leggings are seriously awesome - they look like real pants and have pockets, but they are SO comfortable.  The LOFT top is my favorite thing - super cute and easy to wear.


  1. I picked up that Loft ruffle sweater just before Christmas and it's easily one of my favorite purchases of the year! So comfy and so super flattering! Can't wait to see you style the bow top and BR dress!

    xo nicole

  2. Oh dear, you had me at "so comfy" and "they look like real pants"--SOLD! I know of two Uniqlos near me but have yet to ever go there... despite everyone in the blogging world loving it. I seriously need to check it out! Also, that bow-back top is super cute!!

  3. Yay for waiting and scoring a deal! The extra 60% off sale at Banana was amazing, unfortunately the two things I want are still full price. That dress seems great, flattering and super versatile.

  4. Love the bow back top and ruffle sweater! So cute!

  5. I recently got the bow back top too! I already own too many striped tees, but it was too adorable to pass up.

  6. I really like that Banana Republic dress!

    Uniqlo definitely offers a lot of comfy pants. They also do these dress pants with an elastic waistband that aren't the most flattering thing (with the sizing in small, medium, etc. it is hard to get a very precise fit), but they're so comfortable and easy to wear.

  7. This is definitely a comfy roundup! How much did it end up setting you back this month?