Monday, December 21, 2015

Book Review // The Good Girl, Fates and Furies, Modern Romance, Seveneves, Bull Mountain

One of the things I am most looking forward to with this break is reading. The last few weeks have been nuts, so I haven't gotten through as many books as I'd like to, but here are my favorites of the bunch -

The Good Girl // I don't typically like books like this - too dark, too twisty, too mind-bending.  But this book is beautifully written, with an incredible twist I did not see coming.  There were a few story lines that got a little old, and the characters felt a bit cookie-cutter, but the plot is amazing. Definitely worth a read.

Fates and Furies // This is one of those books I put on my list without ever finding out the plot. To be honest,  I'm not sure I ever found out the plot.  Unlike The Good Girl, this book is alllll character.  It basically follows a marriage in two parts - first the husband, then the wife.  I kept expecting some dramatic twist, which never came, but I loved the story anyway.

Modern Romance // Dude, this book surprised the heck out of me.  I thought it was a humor/witty/tinder horror story type of book, but it's actually a well-researched, anthropological look at how we date and what romance looks like now.  It's definitely not a scientific study, but it's darn interesting and really fun.

Seveneves // IT'S 700 PAGES. I could honestly stop the review right there, like that tells you a lot. Honestly, the plot could very easily have been made into a trilogy, which might have been better. Also, it's an incredibly exhaustive end-of-the-world space odyssey, complete with at least 250 pages of incredibly detailed accounts of how things work in space.  If that's your wheelhouse, this book is a dream. If you are part of the other 99.9 percent of the population, steer clear.

Bull Mountain // More dark and twisty. I should probably talk to someone about that...  Anywho - this is beautifully written, the characters are amazing, the story is unique and well-done (believable, interesting, moves quickly) and the twist was not what I expected. It's a fairly quick read and easy to digest.  I would absolutely recommend it and will read the rest of the author's work.

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