Wednesday, December 2, 2015

23 Things and 23 Years

It's my birthday!!  I have successfully not died for a full 23 years, so that's nice.  In honor of my advanced age, I thought I'd list out 23 things I've figured out so far.

  1. Practice self care // This looks a little different for everyone, but I am a significantly better human when I get alone time, have makeup on and get to bed early
  2. Read as much as you can
  3. Say yes // To everything, in moderation
  4. Get outside
  5. Be that girl // Whatever you see as the ideal - the girl who always has a clean, welcoming home, that's always down for a party, that knows everything about baseball - work to be that girl
  6. Splurge on experiences
  7. Be effusively, sloppily, wildly grateful // Say thank you, smile, acknowledge hard work anywhere you see it.  It makes such an impact and is so easy.
  8. Always carry a Tide pen
  9. Eat good food // Healthy, not healthy, whatever - eat what makes you feel good
  10. Invest in the basics // Jeans, classic sweaters, coats, boots - stuff you'll wear for decades, pay for it to last
  11. Travel everywhere and anywhere
  12. Exercise as often as possible // Whether it's a walk, 15 crunches or some slow yoga, get moving
  13. Protect yourself // This goes along with self care, but it's so important to put your needs as high on the list as possible. Figure out what's required and do your best to make it happen
  14. How to feed people // Basically, how to make a handful of crowd-pleasing recipes that I can always whip up
  15. Treat your possessions well
  16. Be nice, not right // I most definitely am not good at this yet, but I'm trying
  17. Ask for the help you need 
  18. Drink lots of water
  19. Wear the right shoes // Right can go in a lot of directions, as I firmly believe that sparkly heels are appropriate, even if it's snowing.
  20. Budget for your real life // When I first started budgeting, I put tons of limits on how much I could spend.  Because it was unrealistic, I never adhered to it and totally ignored the budget.  Now that my budget is more in line with my standard spending and financial goals, I actually stick to it.
  21. Pack a sweater and sunscreen
  22. Mom's right // Every, damn, time.
  23. You are so, so young // Lols at 15 year old me who thought that, by 23, I would definitely have it all figured out. I'm not even close and absolutely loving it.


  1. This all makes me burstingly, tearfully proud. And not just because I am occasionally right. Every.damn.time.

  2. Happy birthday Kyle! You always seem to be so on top of things, I never would have guessed you only just turned 23! Nicely done on figuring a lot of this stuff out so early. I know people in their 30's (40's, 50's...) who still haven't figured some of that stuff out.