Monday, November 9, 2015

Lust List // Christmas

My birthday is in early December, and I have a very hard time containing my Christmas spirit past November 1st, so my gift list usually arrives pretty early in the season.  I like to think it's helpful, but I'm pretty sure my mother's blood pressure increases a few notches immediately.  Oh well.

Perfume Sampler // To be honest, I only want this because it means 10 dollars off the bottle of Chloe I'll inevitably trade the certificate in for.  Just trying to save the fam some money

Lemon Tree // Weird, I know, but it's on my 101 in 1001 list and I have a lemon kitchen, sooooo

Cookbook // After my CSA experience, I want to get better about cooking vegetables more simply, but with more flavor.  And this is one of Orangette's favorites, so I'm sure it's flawless

Illustrated Harry Potter // This should surprise no one, especially after the excited melt-down over the Cursed Child tickets

Winter Coat // Last year, I got a winter coat at H&M during the Black Friday sale, and the 20 dollar investment served me well, but is in need of replacement.  This one ticks all the boxes - covers my bum, lots of pockets (with fuzzy lining!), giant hood, reasonable price.

Car Vacuum // As anyone in my family can tell you, my car is in a semi-permanent state of messy. In an attempt to rectify that, keeping a little vacuum for dog hair/sand/spilled snacks seems a good way to go.


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    1. I try not to hold your comparatively less Christmas joy against you