Monday, September 28, 2015

September Budget

Hi, my name is Kyle and I'm addicted to J Crew.  I didn't even realize how bad it was until I started typing up this post and realized literally everything is from J Crew.  Whoops.  This actually felt like a really light shopping month - the gingham shirt, vest and tank were all from an order at the tail end of August, and the rest of it arrived Friday.  So far, everything's been in prime rotation, and I can't wait for it to get cooler so the wool sweaters are an option. Huzzah for fall!

1 // J Crew Gingham Button Down - $22
2 // J Crew Vest - $48
3 // J Crew Tank - $25
4 // J Crew Turtle Neck - $20
5 // J Crew Tee - $20
6 // J Crew Zipper Sweater - $21
7 // J Crew Sweater - $13

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  1. Not only is everything from J.Crew, it's all one heck of a steal! I love that grey sweater. I have a similar one (also from J.Crew) that I wear all the time!

  2. Some months, a particular store just gets us.

    I love that bow blouse. It is so me it is almost too me, if that makes any sense....but I may need to make that an October purchase.

  3. Hahaha, that's too funny. For being a J.Crew addict you did really well! I expected all of this to have cost a lot more than it did. You got some great staples!

  4. No shame in being a J.Crew addict. What do you think of the tank? I think you named it #3 and I've tried it on but I'm not sure about it. It's really cute in person though.

    1. I love the tank! I'm pretty busty, and the double hem balances my top out a bit.

  5. I love the zippers on that sweater! I've also been wanting a navy gingham shirt for at least a year and of course now this one is gone! Sigh.

  6. suuuuper jealous of the great deals you scored this month (especially the vest and gingham shirt). I have my eye on a replacement black vest but I'm guessing I'm going to have to wait until May if I want to get one at such a great price :/

  7. I love J.Crew Factory! Sometimes I feel like their quality can be even better than retail J.Crew. Anyway, awesome purchases this month. You're going to get a ton of wear out of the black puffer vest. I wore my herringbone one to death last fall/winter.