Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Day Designer vs Simplified Planner

Along with tote bags, planners are my other love language.  I love them, in an obsessive, kind of sad way. Last year, I used a Day Designer and this year, I switched over to the Simplified Planner.  Overall, I prefer the Simplified.  Both planners come in a variety of layouts and styles, and are similarly priced.

To be fair, the Day Designer and Simplified aren't direct comparisons, and the newer purchase works better for my life.  The Day Designer has a full page spread for every day, which makes the planner pretty large and heavy, but perfect if you have a lot going on.  The Simplified comes in a daily version and a weekly, which combines the full week onto two pages (unlike the Day Designer, which doesn't offer other layouts).  This works much better for me - I don't really need an hour-by-hour layout of my day, and the size made it much easier to carry around.  Size-wise, the Simplified makes way more sense for me, and the coil is of higher quality.  My Day Designer was on the serious coil struggle bus by the end of it's life.

Design-wise, both planners are beautiful.  The Day Designer is a bit more classic - it's got black and gold accents and the original colors were classic stripes. This year's covers are a bit more colorful, and I'm seriously lusting after them.  The Simplified is pretty committed to color, which I love. All of the days are marked by different color ink, and the covers and liners are very bright.  I also appreciate the limited number of other boxes on the Simplified. It's hard to read below, but there are boxes marked Due, Dollar, Dinner and Don't Forget in the upper right hand corner, which I never used in the Day Designer, and even the Top 3 box was a bit useless.

Overall, I definitely prefer the Simplified planner - the size, layout and incredibly cheerful design are perfect for me.  If I had more meetings/daily requirement, the Day Designer would be a better fit, but I found myself kind of making things up to make the days look more full. I also think that the Day Designer is somewhat more professional looking, for those that care about that.  Both are being released for the fall soon and can be found at the Day Designer and Simplified Planner websites.


  1. Why is everything a competition. It makes my head hurt...

  2. I love my simplified planner! I bought both last year (as well as a Kate Spade) to see which one fit me best. I landed on the simplified and have since switched to it at work and will be getting my 2016 one this coming week! While the day designer didn't work for me, it was perfect for my entrepreneurial friend in Florida. She said it has helped her get her game together so well. It's definitely a lifestyle difference that makes which one better for each person.