Monday, August 3, 2015

Closet Revamp - 30 x 30 Experience

As of the weekend, I have full access to my closet again! And, to be honest, that isn't so exciting.  This 30 x 30 and no buy have taught me a ton about how I dress vs how I want to dress, and clarified a lot about my own spending habits.  Before I get into that, here's how I made it all work -

Keep the 30 x 30 stuff separate

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I bought a pretty cheap rack to hang all of my 30 x 30 stuff on, with the idea of using it as sort of a dressing room/planning tool after I finished the challenge. Honestly, I think this was the biggest reason the whole thing was a success. By physically removing what I could wear from that I couldn't, I eliminated the temptation of the rest of my closet.  When I got dressed, I headed straight for that rack and stopped even thinking about the other stuff.

Choose thoughtfully

Overall, I was pretty impressed with my choices, though I think I made the list on a particularly cool day, because 3 pairs of pants were way more than I needed, and the cardigan was useless.  Everything worked well together, and gave me lots of flexibility in terms of getting dressed.  I also think that the number of each particular item (shirts, bottoms, shoes etc) was on point - enough variation that I never got bored, but not too much of one thing

Plan for all different parts of your life

This was one area I could have done better with.  I made the list considering my (casual) work needs, but kind of ignored weekend/after hours options.  This was fine, considering I rarely see anyone outside of work, and my dog doesn't care that I wear the same shirt/shorts combo every day.  If I do another one of these (which I will!), I'll be more careful about choosing clothes I'm comfortable lounging in, that can also be remixed for work.

And now what I learned. Because most of my closet was literally out my sight, many of the items in it completely fell off the radar.  When we were reunited, there were a few running-across-the-daisy-field-to-hug moments, but there were a lot more questioning stares and wondering how long it's been since I put that on.  Next up in my closet clean out series - how I'm using the experience to actually change what I own/wear.

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  1. I like that you assigned a completely separate area for your capsule wardrobe. I've heard of others packing their excess clothes away and using their regular closet for this type of exercise, but I think the logistics of that would depend on how many clothes you have to begin with. I'm curious to see how your insights from this process affect your closet clean out.