Monday, August 10, 2015

Closet Cleanout

Post 30 x 30 and reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I followed Fran's tips, as well as the strategy outlined in the book, to clean things out and figure out my priorities.

1 // Find Inspiration - 

All links here

2 // Look for What's the Same -

Layers,  neutral colors + little pops of color, monochrome patterns, classic feminine shapes, covered arms (though that might be mostly because I'm viscerally craving fall), high necklines, minimal jewelry.

3 // Pick Your Colors - 

I tend to be most drawn to neutrals, especially after the whole 30 x 30 experience - black, gray, navy, camel, and chambray.  My hair/eye/skin colors also look best in cooler jewel tones - dark green, deep mustard (in small doses) and more saturated purples. I also really love red as an accent color, and get a lot of wear out of the few items I do have (Hunters, one skirt, 2 scarves). Weirdly, I also love and own a lot of periwinkle, so I'll go with it. Leather-wise, I own only black and cognac, so that seems like an easy decision.

4 // Dump All of Your Clothes Out and Sort

This was horrifying - the pile was massive, and there was stuff in it I didn't realize was still in my closet.  The pile is important though - you have to literally touch everything at least twice, which really helped me figure out if I needed it still. Once it was all out, I separated it into tops, bottoms, dresses and skirts.

5 // Ask the Questions and Make a Call

In the Tidying Up book, Kondo uses the question of joy to make decisions abut items - does it spark immediate joy?  I used that, but added in also, does it facilitate joy?  For example, my black cardigan alone doesn't spark joy, but it allows me to wear tops I love during the winter.  Worth keeping, 100%. I also used the information I learned from the first three steps, including the colors and shapes I prefer and get the most wear out of.

She is the most helpful
6 // Fold the Right Way

Once my mahoosive discard pile was out of the way, I started putting away everything I was keeping. Kondo suggests folding everything so that you can stack it on it's side, instead of on top of itself.  This was a huge revelation - I folded my shirts according to her method and they took up literally half of the space that they had previously.  My previously overflowing drawers are now organized and, more importantly, I can see and use everything!

To be honest, my clothes situation took up most of a Saturday - it was a lot of work, and was exhausting. But now, I occasionally open my drawers just to admire how beautifully laid out they are.  Well worth the effort!


  1. Good for you for doing this! Brave woman. And you've got some good inspiration there :)

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

  2. It's amazing how much the Marie Kondo book inspires purging and reducing possessions to only the ones you really want. I know it certainly had that effect on me, and it's currently doing the same for the friends I lent the book to. I'm currently reading Zero Waste Home which is helping give a slightly different perspective to a similar subject.

    I LOVE your inspiration collection! I would seriously wear every single one of the outfits you pinned there. Looking forward to seeing how this influences your purchases going forward :D

  3. Great post! Love your inspiration board. I recently read Kondo's book as well and have constantly started asking myself.. "does this spark joy?".