Monday, August 17, 2015

Book Review // One Summer: America, 1927, It Was Me All Along, The Wright Brothers, Our Man in Charleston

More books, more books, lalalalalala.  For the last few weeks, I've been on a bit of a streak, reading-wise.  In fact, on Friday, I had the day off of work and Tallulah was at day care, and I managed to read two separate books.  Both were Kathy Reichs murder mysteries, which I love but are terrible and make going to sleep at night a fun anxiety adventure.  Brilliant.  On to the reviews -

One Summer: America, 1927

I loved this book - front to back.  As the title suggests, it's all about a single summer in America.  It happened to be the summer of Babe Ruth, Charles Lindbergh and lots of other stuff.  In fact, the author suggests that Summer 1927 was the high point of America.  The book moves quickly, and the storytelling is very well done - informational without being dry, and I loved the inclusion of the side-stories.  I really felt like I understood the vibe of the summer, not just the events.

It Was Me All Along

Andie Mitchell, the author, write a blog that I've followed for years.  Much of her story was familiar to me, but I was interested in reading the book because I've come to know and love her writing style and ability.  This could have very easily become just another weight loss memoir, but the difference is truly in Mitchell's way with words.  This is a beautifully written, inspiring without being preachy and a very quick read.  It also made me really want chocolate cake.

The Wright Brothers

I've never been all that interested in the Wright brothers, but their invention paved the way for my favorite form of transportation, so I figured the book would be worth a read.  Much to my surprise, the boys were fascinating, and their story was far more engaging than I would have guessed.  The book follows their lives from mid-20s to death, and while it gets a little laborious in the middle (they flew the plane, they flew the plane farther, they flew the plane even farther), I truly enjoyed getting to know the fascinating Wright family.

Our Man in Charleston

And finally, a book about the Civil War, a time period I've always been interested in.  This book highlights a segment of the War I'd never considered - people in the South who weren't into slavery etc.  I loved learning about Robert Bunch and his experience, though the book was a bit more detailed than necessary.  My concentration flagged during some of the more in-depth sections, but the overall story was great fun.

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