Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July Budget

True to my no buy goals, this month has been light on shopping.  It was a bit stupid to schedule a no buy for a month with notoriously good sales, but it certainly helped me curb what might have been some out of control spending.  Here's what I got -
nordstrom haul

1 + 3 // Halogen Tee - $15 each
2 // Street Level Bucket Bag - $32
4 // Zella Leggings - $33
5 // Zella Capris - $28
6 // Frye Boots - gift

So, not exactly a no buy, but pretty good, and everything was discounted. My incredibly sweet parents bought me the boots as a thanks-for-helping-us-move present, which is amazing.  They're the most beautiful things ever.  I left them on my dresser so I can admire them until it finally gets cold enough for me to wear them. They get a quick pet every time I walk by.  The bucket bag is exactly what I was looking for and a perfect addition to my (complete for now) handbag collection, and the leggings/tees were replacements for worn-out items.   All in all, pretty good!

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  1. So it was more of a basics buy this month :) I still quite like that bucket bag, and those boots are gorgeous!

  2. Those boots are beautiful! I bet you'll get a ton of wear out of them come fall/winter. I also bought the Zella leggings, which I think are the best ever. Now you have me contemplating the Zella capris too...

  3. The Zella leggings are my favorite. I bought a pair in the sale to replace the pair I had, which were too big. I have been eyeing that bucket bag for the longest time!