Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day in the Life

Inspired by Fran, who lives a significantly more exciting life than me, here's what I get up to on a daily basis

6:15 am - The pretty, pretty princess and I wake up.  I snuggle her one handed and scroll through instagram with the other.

6:40 am - Breakfast, makeup and House of Cards.  Breakfast is always the same (barley, black beans, sautéed tomatoes, egg), but my makeup changes. Today's face brought to you by - foundation, bronzer, highlighter, eyelid primer, my new favorite mascara and eyebrow gel

7:05 am - First walk of the day.  Now that it's warmer out, I try to make our first walk a bit longer, before the heat really kicks in.

8:03 am - Pup in her crate, iced coffee in hand, and I'm off to work.  Today's pretty quiet, so I'm playing catch up with a bunch of projects I need to finish.

12:20 pm - Home for lunch.  I would usually have something with at least one fresh ingredient, but we're leaving for vacation and it's slim pickings.

12:42 pm - Second walk of the day, accompanied by a stick so long she is in danger of taking out other pedestrians. After, she goes back in her crate and I go back to work

4:30 pm - Quitting time!  I go home, curse the humid, nasty afternoon and rescue the pup for her third walk.  She takes a record 4 breaks in a 35 minute walk.

5:15 pm - Putter around the house, doing laundry, making the bed, packing etc

6:22 pm - Dinner.  Tonight is tomatoes, collard greens and cannelinis, dumped in a pan with a bit of white wine, garlic, salt and pepper

7:01 pm - Shower.  I make it as cold as I can stand it and layer on the frivolous products, in anticipation of 4 days roughing it while camping.  Today I used - clarifying shampoo, hydrating shampoo, conditioner (the best), body wash, in shower lotion (my favorite invention since wifi)

7:40 pm - Final walk of the day.  Tallulah enjoys her nightly stare down with the asshat geese that live on our pond.

8:26 pm - Crawl into bed with my book and ice cream.  I spent the next hour or so reading, then passed out good and early #grandmastatus

And that's my day. Mostly just dog walks punctuated by eating and occasional work. According to my Jawbone, I took 17,254 steps,which is above average for me, but not by much. Overall, a pretty good day!

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