Monday, July 27, 2015

Best Things I Ever Ate

Inspired by my favorite Food Network show and an astonishing lack of current blog creatively, here's a list of delicious things I've eaten -

Best Ice Cream - Murphy's, Dublin/Dingle Ireland // I wrote about this in my Ireland post, but the ice cream is pretty much worth flying across the Atlantic for...

Best Breakfast - Bluestone Lane, NYC // When I was in NYC last summer, I put this tiny little spot on my list, and ended up going for breakfast every day I was there.  The avocado toast can't be beat.

Best Dessert - Creme Brulee at the Ritz Carlton, Boston // My dad took me to the Ritz after we saw the Nutcracker together a few times, and it was my first creme brulee experience.  So far, no one's been able to top them.

Best Deep Dish Pizza - Giordano's, Chicago // I feel like it's a huge cliche, but dude.  Moment of silence for the mouth explosions with this pizze...

Best Bar Pizza - Red Wing Pizza, Walpole MA // In case you ever find yourself by Gillette stadium, put this hole in the wall on the agenda.  The pizza is amazing (my family loves the various meat options, I like the pineapple) and the seafood is fabulous too.

Best Macarons - La Duree, Paris //  The macarons are delicious, the restaurant is flawless and the packaging is allllllll the heart eye emojis.

Best Salad - Baby Kale, Farmer in the Dell, Walpole MA // Homemade cornbread croutons, a light and tart viniagrette on top of fresh, fabulous veggies.  You can't go wrong there, but I happily eat this salad once a day when I'm at my parent's.

Best Tapas - Purple Pig, Chicago //  I am still salivating at the thought of this meal, and am plotting a return in the fall. Well worth whatever ridiculous wait they have at the time.  I wrote more about it here.

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