Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May Budget

1 // J Crew Dress - $28 (!!)
2 // J Crew Pixie Pants - $65
3 // J Crew Swing Trench Coat - $107 (order a size down)
4 // Target Blouse - $15
5 // Target Blouse - $15

Not pictured - the chambray version of the Target blouses pictured above - $10

Considering I spent most of the month abroad, I did some considerable damage.  The coat was a closet hole made more obvious by a similar coat my mom wore a lot on our trip. I love that the hood is detachable and that the red lining matches my hunters.  The three Target blouses were an absolute steal and I love that the popover style limits boob-pulling while also looking professional.

For next month, I'll be half-heartedly looking for denim shorts, but I'm hoping to keep spending at a minimum for a bit!


  1. Love the color of that dress! Is it bad that I immediately knew the blouses were from Target because I recognized the models? Ha! I love their popovers too.

  2. Popovers are my friend. They work so well for girls with chests. I love that jacket you got too! It's awesome.

  3. Do you find you have to wear a camisole under the popovers? Or are they just cut wider at the chest?

    1. I don't need a camisole, despite having a large chest. They're cut pretty generously and the buttons are well placed. I also order a size up, because I think the looser fit is more professional

  4. Great purchases this month! I love the coat (and color coordination with your Hunter boots). I tried on the Pixies earlier this month too but decided I didn't need yet another pair of black pants.