Monday, May 18, 2015

Lessons Learned Post-Grad // Enjoying It

The biggest regret I have for my whole post-grad experience was how little I appreciated that time for what it was - hard, scary, but also the biggest chunk of free time I'm likely to get for the foreseeable future.  In retrospect, I spent so much time worrying about figuring everything out, it never occurred to me that it would be okay for me to, in fact, not have it all down. In fact, I think I missed out on a pretty valuable learning opportunity about myself.  Limbo is an acutely uncomfortable place to be, especially for someone as Type A as me, but I think that being that out of whack can be a huge moment of growth, similar to how I spent studying abroad.  In retrospect, here's what I wish I did -

  • Exercised more - gym, yoga, running, swimming - all the stuff I don't have as much time for now
  • Lounged around 
  • Spent more time on myself, not just my professional skills -writing, thinking, talking with loved ones
  • Learned - I wish I had taken a summer course on something random (cooking, sewing, first aid, whatever)
  • Considered what I wanted with a bit more finesse.  I got really lucky, in that the job that I ended up getting met needs I didn't even realize I needed (a small community, easy access to day care for Tallulah, a huge support for professional development), which is amazing, but I do wish that I had been more careful about interviewing for positions
Overall, I was so focused on getting a job and getting to the next thing that I failed to enjoy what might have been a pretty cool time in my life. If I had it to do over again, I would have done my best to better balance the stress - obviously, I still would have been freaking out, but I might have also been growing.

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