Monday, April 20, 2015

What I Wish I Bought - Summer Weddings

For the first time, I have a wedding to go to this summer. I've been to weddings before, but this is the first of my friends to get married, and the first time I'm the receiver of the invite, instead of the parasitic plus-one of my parents.  And that, naturally, requires a new outfit.  I already have a dress (thank you, thredup), but I've been passing some of the more boring work days virtually shopping for some other options.  My favorites are below!

I'm most partial to number 3, if only because it is Gettysburg Great.  Also, all but number three come in other fun colors. And in case you need something fancier, I'm dying over this dress.

And in a vaguely related plug, ebates is my new favorite thing.  They give you a percentage cashback whenever you buy something using their website.  You just visit ebates and get redirected to the store you're shopping in. I installed the chrome plug in, and now an ebates button appears at the top of the page whenever I'm shopping on an eligible site.. One click and they credit me a few days later. So far, I've got 20 bucks in cashback banked, all from buying things I would have purchased anyway.  You can sign up here (it's free and you get money...)

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