Monday, April 27, 2015

What I Packed for 10 Days in Ireland

We're headed to the Emerald Isle! My parents and I are starting our trip in Dublin, where my brother is studying abroad, then we're all going over to Dingle before flying to Cornwall and London.  I'm so excited I do my wiggle dance every time I think about it, but the packing challenge was tough.  The weather will be around 60 degrees and most likely raining, which means packing Hunters and quite a few layers.  I also set myself the slightly inane goal of getting everything into 2 carryon bags (1 suitcase, 1 tote bag).  In true obsessive packer fashion, I've had a list going for about 3 months, and here's where I ended up -

5 shirts - blue sleeveless, green camp shirt, white tee, white long sleeve boatneck, striped top
1 cardigan - navy blue
1 vest, 1 field jacket

1 black pants
1 boyfriend jeans
1 camel skirt
1 red pants

1 stripe
1 black wrap dress

1 camisole
1 gym outfit
1 pair or pajamas
3 statement necklaces
5 pairs of socks
14 pairs of underwear
2 bras

I won't list all of my toiletries, because that seems a little excessive. I've pared it down to one regular sized toiletry bag in my suitcase and a TSA approved clear case in my carryon.  Also in my carryon - my camera stuff, computer, ipad, water bottle, snacks, chargers and a purse with my passport and wallet, headphones and phone.

And that's it!  According to my obsessively precise calculations, I'll be able to get a full trip's worth of unique outfits out of this bunch, and, with some shoving and hoping, everything fit into this bag (which I LOVE) with the help of these.  I'll be posting outfit posts/the breakdown once we're back, so I'll let you know how the list holds up!


  1. Anxiously awaiting my packing list and experiencing mad envy of your sweet bag. I bet you didn't get the orange, as I would. Too bad I have no coupon and won't be upgrading MY luggage.

    1. I did not get orange, I'm sorry... And your packing list shall arrive today, fear not

  2. I'm impressed with your commitment to get it down to a carryon! When we went to Brussels last year, there was no way I was stuffing my clothes into anything but my regular suitcase. Haha. I also appreciated the extra room for souvenirs.