Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter Traditions

Growing up, Easter was always one of my favorite holidays.  The reasons have changed over the years (bonnets no longer hold their appeal), but I give my parents a lot of credit for creating meaningful traditions that we all still enjoy.

My grandmother used to make my doll, Lisa, and I matching outfits. The best.

Church was always part of our day (duh).  When I was younger, we'd go mid-morning and get all gussied up.  There was an egg hunt and lots of celebration. Once we got older, we started going to the sunrise service.  It remains my favorite service we attended, though I haven't gone in years.  After the service, all the men folk served up a hot breakfast, which always included those hashbrown patties (a la McDonald's), which I still feel weird about eating on not-Easter.

Back when bonnets where still the shiz for me

Once the fam all got home, our Easter basket hunt would begin.  My dad made up rhyming, coded hints that would send my brother and I all around the house and yard, figuring out where our baskets were. God bless him, Dad kept the game up long after Owen and I stopped believing in the Easter bunny, probably because I am insistent on maintaining traditions far beyond their appropriate expiration date.

After the hunt, Owen and I would usually settle into playing with whatever was in the baskets, and slowly demolishing the entire carton of Whopper's that were inevitably included.  Every other year, we'd get together with my cousins, often with an egg hunt in which my cousin would open every egg, in search of those with money in them, then discard them, leaving a trail of upset cousins and Reese's cups in his wake. Exactly in the spirit of the resurrection.

This year, my family (minus my brother) will all be together for the first time in a few years.  While I think it's officially time to retire the basket hunt, I'm grateful that most of our other traditions still stand.

Shoutout to mi madre for pulling these pictures together

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