Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April Budget

Looking at my purchases, this month seems super long... The LOFT skirt has made it into my favorites, and I kind of forgot I've only had it for a month.  Everything I picked up this month has been a big hit, and lots of it made the Ireland packing list, so big wins all around me!

1 // LOFT skirt - $22
2 // Everlane tee - $15
3 // Jack Rogers - $80 (on super sale from Amazon)
4 // J Crew Factory - $25
5 // Old Navy - $22
6 // Everlane tee - $15
7 // LOFT earrings - $8
8 // Target pants - $20
Total // $185

I think my favorite purchase of the month is the J Crew dress, but I really do love everything.  For next month, I'm trying to hunt down a chambray popover and possibly a pair of flat espadrilles.

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  1. LOFT skirts are always my favorite. They fit well and they're good quality.

    When are you heading to Ireland? What a fun trip to plan for!

  2. I cannot believe those pants are from Target! I love the look of those.