Wednesday, March 18, 2015

ThredUP Experience Update

Womp.  Unfortunately, most of my fears about ThredUP's selling experience ended up coming true.  I received an email from them last week, saying that they had processed my bag.  I was thrilled, because it was a full 12 days before they had predicted getting through it.  The payout was higher than I had expected for the clothes, and they offer a paypal payout option, which I'll probably end up going with.

I didn't, however, see either of the purses I sent in listed. I emailed their support team and asked if I was missing.  Samantha emailed me back about 18 hours later to say that no, I was right, they hadn't accepted either one. The Vera bag I could understand - it wasn't in the best shape, but the Coach bag wasn't accepted only because they already had bags like it and weren't sure it would sell.  This was hard for me, because they didn't accept it for their own reasons, not because anything was wrong with it.  Because I didn't pay the 13 dollars for return assurance (which is 100% on me), they kept the bag.  Many of the reviews online suggest that this happens to A LOT of customers.  It was crazy disappointing and left a pretty bad taste in my mouth.

Overall, I would say that my buying experience with ThredUP was fine. Shipping times were long, but the prices and selection are awesome.  Selling, on the other hand, isn't something I'll do through them again.

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