Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Puppy Update // What I Actually Needed

When I first got Tallulah, one of my main concerns was getting dog bedding and food bowls that matched my apartment... I had been around puppies enough to know that her being in my life made a much larger impact than just on my home decor, but still, I wanted yellow bowls and a gray bed.  6 months later, I realize that I should have been much more concerned with stocking up on extra socks and leashes, and less on color schemes.

1 // Crate - Tally spends my work day in her crate, and it is a 100% necessary item for the health and well-being of my dog and of me.  I got lucky and inherited a crate from my parents, but it would have been money well spent to invest in a high quality one

2 // Multiple Leashes - My dog was and is a chewer, so when she chewed through the only leash, it really sucked.  I ended up making an emergency run to Petco because I didn't have any way to take her out. Lesson learned - I now have a backup.

3 // Kongs - When I leave for work, the puppy princess gets a peanut butter Kong, which keeps her busy at least long enough for me to sneak out without her noticing.  It's also a life saver when I need to get things done on the weekend (uncooked beef bones are a close second, only because I feel weird leaving animal parts around my otherwise meat-free apartment)

4 // Dog Treats - Pretty self explanatory, though I will say that buying tiny treats, as opposed to big, Milkbone style ones, has been a big help

5 // Booties/Coats - I am partially ashamed to admit this, but my dog require winter apparel.  The poor thing was too little, and the winter too fierce, for her tiny body to manage.  She's gone through a few iterations of clothing, but her current is a Kong coat that I don't love...

6 // Trash Cans with Lids - Something I did not think through before getting a puppy - she gets into EVERYTHING.  All of my trashcans now live on desks, except for the magical ones with lids.  Would have been worth the extra 5 dollars to have trashcans on the floor.

7 // A Good Vacuum -  Puppy girl sheds like a monster, and my delightful Shark is pretty much my best friend.

8 // Lots of Socks and Underwear - Unless I put my laundry towards the bottom of my tall hamper, Legs McGee will suss it out and chew through it.  She's been very helpful in helping me purge my underwear drawer...

Things I did not need - fancy bedding or yellow dog bowls.  They're cute, but super not necessary...

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