Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March Budget

Someone was feeling a bit spendy this month... I blame good sales, duty-induced exhaustion and a quick trip to my parent's.  I am thrilled with both pairs of pants I got this month - they double my work-appropriate pants wardrobe and I think the red color will be pretty fun for the spring.  My family and I are headed to Ireland in May, so I'm planning on April being a light shopping month, especially because I picked up a few of the things I needed for the trip this month (rainboots, hello)

1 // Hunter Boots - $150*
2 // Old Navy Khakis - $20
3 // Old Navy Wrap Dress - $20 (worn here)
4 // Old Navy Pants - $20
5 // Loft Top - $23
6 // Loft Skirt - $23 (worn with the top here)

1 // Rifle Paper Co Phone Case - $35
2, 3, 4 // Charming Charlie's Necklaces (3 of 6 purchased) - $65

Total // $206

* The Hunters came out of my personal savings, where I stash any rollover money to cover bigger purchases

Once again, I'm linking up with Fran and the other Budgeting Bloggers here


  1. Those Rifle phone cases are the reason I want an iphone6! They're so gorgeous. I think the rainboots were a great use of your personal savings too. They're perfect!

    1. I quite literally ran to the Paper Source to get the case immediately after picking up my 6...

  2. You will have those boots for years so definitely worth the splurge and all of your other items were so budget conscious-great job

  3. I have a case from Rifle Paper Co.and I love it! I see their work everywhere these days but I love that they are actually a small local business with a cute shop here in Orlando.

  4. Such pretty necklaces! You got some really great items this month!

  5. So many great purchases this month - and now we're phone case twins! Isn't it the prettiest? I'll never get tired of it.