Monday, March 2, 2015

Home DIY // Bathroom Update

I spent most of this weekend trapped in my apartment, slave to the needs of 26 high school girls. In order to escape the insanity, I hid in my bathroom, painting and purging. When I moved into my apartment, most of the walls were neutral enough that I didn't feel the need to change it, but the bathroom was a bright green, and the person who painted it did so using a brush and one coat... Noottttt such a good look.

Sorry for the terrible picture quality - rocking the iphone pics today

I had originally wanted to paint it a light yellow, but the paint turned out a bit more tan/peach/yellow, though I don't mind.  It still looks a lot better...

This is actually the last room in my apartment that I hated enough to want to immediately paint (the kitchen was my first priority.  Next up is my bedroom, though I'm going to hold off until the summer, when I can sleep in one of the dorm rooms instead of living in a fume den.

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