Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Book Review // Station 11 and The Bone Clocks

2 more books down on my quest to read 50 this year!  Station 11 I read at the urging of one of my mom's best friends, who made the semi-drunken demand that I read this book and then move to Manhattan. Bone Clocks I read because it was the first book I put on hold to become available.  Both are dystopian/sci-fi-esque/futuristic, but the similarities end there.

Station 11 is a post-apocalypse novel with rotating protagonists that overlap in increasingly complicated ways. I found the beginning of the book a bit tough to get into - I kept wondering what the actual plot was, or if there would be a central conflict/thing.  It did pick up eventually, but I never found myself super engrossed. I felt like I was sort of betraying the literature community in not falling in love, but this book never really grabbed me.

Unfortunately, the same was true for Bone Clocks. I actually googled the book after about 100 pages, because I was sure that it was the second book in a series and I had missed something.  Not true, it's just an overly complicated story. Each section is from a different person's point of view, and there seems to be two separate plots - the actual character interactions and then the occult weirdness.  In general, I like books like that, but I felt like the two plots didn't overlap enough to keep me engaged. Instead, I kept forgetting the made up names and who went with who. Every 50 or so pages, something would happen that would remind me about the sci-fi thing and I'd have to go back and remind myself.  Towards the end, it did all come together and was pretty cool, but the majority of the book was a slog for me.

Hope no one was blinded by those glowing reviews... On to the next read - Still Life with Bread Crumbs


  1. Well. I was going to forward this to the Purleys, but I can't bear to think of their collective broken hearts. J loved The Bone Clocks, and you know the semi-drunken rest of the story.

    1. Sorry, Momma. Still Life with Bread Crumbs is great!