Monday, March 30, 2015

Birchbox Review

As a die-hard lover of miniature things, sample boxes appeal to me in a very visceral way.  It's like a present, full of small, pretty things, that comes once a month just to delight you.  Tell me, what could be better.

I started my subscription to Birchbox in September. The first step in the process is to fill out a fairly extensive profile on your skin and hair, current beauty routine and preferences.  Personally, I'm in a pretty good skincare rhythm, so I opted out of products related to that, but did request face masks (which I enjoy regardless of whether or not they do something) and in general despise fragrance samples, so that was out too.  Since filling out my profile, I generally get about 1 skincare product (mostly masks) per box, and have received 2 fragrances total (both of which I loved, go figure).

Pictured above is my March box - I got a tinted moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, a mask, hair oil and a chubby lipstick thing.  The hair oil was a sample that I got to choose (they give you a few options to pick between before your next box), which is fun.  Overall, everything I got I will/have used, which is true for all of my boxes, save for maybe 3 products.  I've even found a few new must haves - a gorgeous Paula's Choice toner, the hair oil I chose in March, a super heavy duty lip balm.

Overall, Birchbox is definitely worth 10 of my dollars every month.  Even if I don't love every sample, just seeing the box in my mailbox feels like a present, and I get excited to try everything out.  Plus, Birchbox gives you points for every sample you review on their site, and I've earned enough cash to buy a few of my favorites.  It's a nice little system.  And bonus, the boxes the samples come in are always adorable and I end up repurposing all over my apartment (next month is a Rifle Paper co box, I can hardly wait).  It might seem a little ridiculous to spend money on samples, but the little indulgence makes me wicked happy.

If you're interested in trying Birchbox, you can sign up here

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