Friday, February 20, 2015

Week in Review

I am genuinely confused by where February has gone.  And also who the hell decided that humans don't hibernate, cause it is super effing cold out.  This week was pretty hectic, but a big work project just finished up, so I spent most of yesterday twiddling my thumbs in a nice way.  We're supposed to hit a high of 40 degrees this weekend, I'm really looking forward to spending time outside with fewer than 17 layers.

Proof I Wore Pants

Links I Love

This video is hilarious and sweet and a pretty great idea

I studied anthropology in college, and am tea addicted, so I love this cultural comparison of one of my favorite drinks

My new favorite app - it combines swearing and good information

I rarely go a week without buying something off Amazon, but this article taught me some new tricks

The Academy Awards are second only to the Super Bowl on my list of favorite Sunday night programs, and this game will make it even more fun

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