Friday, February 13, 2015

Week in Review

It's currently 3 degrees outside.  Why is that even a thing.  I'm currently trying to schedule play dates for my dog, so that she gets exercise while I stay inside (win, win). This week was nuts with work, but I'm really enjoying it.  Busy girl = happy girl.  

Proof I Wore Pants

Links I Loved

I tried this tip last night and feel asleep in about 15 seconds

I needed this a few times this week, and as silly as it seems, it really did help

As a super introvert, I found this article helpful, though I haven't tried any of it out yet

Though I 100% do not need any more purses, I visit this bag once or day or so

A student read this poem in a meeting this week, and I thought it was magnificent

This lady is super brave, and her kid clearly has amazing style

I did this workout a few days ago, and felt a serious burn even 36 hours later

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