Monday, February 23, 2015

My ThredUp Experience

I discovered ThredUp, an online consignment shop, through Grace's blog a few months ago. I've placed a two orders through them, as well as started the process of selling a bunch of stuff.  Overall, I love the prices and the ease of their website, have mixed feelings about their shipping and am a little afraid of the selling process.


The best thing about ThredUp is definitely the prices - designer jeans for 25 dollars, Ann Taylor blouses for 12 etc.  It's basically a thrift store, just online, so it's always hit or miss if you're looking for something specific, but the inventory is enormous.  I was in search of boyfriend jeans and black wedges, both of which I found after a few weeks. I downloaded the app, and found that was the easiest way to manage what I wanted vs what they had.  There are tons of filters you can use to narrow things down, and you can save the searches and set up alerts (that's how I found my wedges).  I've found the sizing/detail shots to be hit or miss (I ordered a black sweater and discovered once it arrived that it was about 14 inches long and barely covered my boobs), but as long as you stick with brands or items you know, there are fabulous bargains to be found.  The jeans I wear 99% of the time are Old Navy Rockstars, and I've found them on ThredUp for 7 dollars, new with tags.

Unfortunately, both of my orders have had shipping issues.  They claim on the website that most orders ship within 1-2 business days, but neither of my orders shipped before the 4th business day.  With the first, they discounted both items, but never mentioned that it would be late.  For the second order, I got an email after 3 days stating that they were behind on orders and mine would ship soon, and I got a 20% off coupon for my trouble.  I feel like, in the world of online retailers, even a 2 day turnaround is pretty good, and the fact that they cut me a break both times was pretty impressive. I'll happily order from them again.


This is where things get rocky, though I still haven't completed the process, so it's not a cautionary tale yet. ThredUp has a really easy selling program - you order a clean out bag, stuff it with approved items (they are VERY clear about what they do and do not take) and wait for them to process it.  I'm currently in the wait-it-out period, which is driving me a bit mad (I shipped my bag over a week ago) [update - it took 13 business days, but they did receive my bag and will process it by March 22]. Once they process my bag, I can opt for ThredUp credit, a PayPal cash out or a charitable donation.  Everything that doesn't get accepted is donated, unless you pay to have it all shipped back to you.  Unfortunately, I made the mistake of reading a ton of online reviews, which suggest that the payout does not usually match what was sent in.  I'm anxious to see how my process goes, and will report back.

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  1. I just received my Thredup payout from a bag I sent in about three weeks ago (their process takes so long) and I was quite satisfied with my payout and pleasantly surprised with how many things they took. I will post about it soon, maybe on Monday.

    I mainly sent in Loft, H&M, and Forever 21 type items that weren't originally expensive and so the payout amount is quite low, but I think it was still fair considering that these were non-designer clothes and accessories that wouldn't normally have any resale value.

    Hopefully your experience will also be pleasant!