Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February Goals

As I mentioned briefly, I decided against making year-long resolutions for 2015.  Instead, I bought a little planner (literally an excuse to use more planners) and have been setting weekly/monthly goals. At the beginning of the year, I assigned each month an overall focus, then set up little goals around that.

February is home month, mostly because I am on duty (and therefore housebound) for two weekends. Among the goals are to paint my bathroom, potentially paint my bedroom (though it feels like a lot) and reorganize all my files and get them out of my old desk.

Bathroom before - sad green

I'm also trying to find more ways of being focused and productive when I'm at home.  There are lots of times when I get sucked into something (cough television couth) after work, and any hopes of being productive go out the window.  Mondays and Thursdays are going to be tv-less, and books are back in heavy rotation.  I've also started following the 2 minute rule for house stuff - if something is going to take 2 minutes or less, do it now.  Otherwise, designate a time to do it later. I feel much more relaxed and focused when I'm also productive, so it's my hope that this will all help me feel like I have my shit together a little more.  Les do it, February!

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