Friday, January 30, 2015

Week in Review

This was a deeply nutty work week, and I felt like I sort of skidded into Friday night.  Here's a bunch of stuff that made me happy.

Proof I Wore Clothes //

              Blouse                                   Blouse                                Dress                            Sweater
             Sweater                                 Sweater                              Cardigan                          Scarf
               Pants                                      Jeans                                 Boots                              Pants
               Flats                                      Boots                                                                        Heels

Link Love //

This video made me happy

This article made me think

This product makes my life better, in a privileged-white-girl way

This site is my new shopping obsession (I got Frye wedges for $30!)

This is number 2 on my weekend to do list (after the Superbowl)

This is my haircut inspiration for next week

Happy weekend!

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