Thursday, January 8, 2015

Vegetarian Whole 30ish

I decided to kick off this year with the Whole 30, which seems to be the choice du jour for nearly everyone.  I did some research into the plan, and realized that, as a vegetarian, I would basically be eating fruits, vegetables, fish and ghee for 30 straight days (read the rules here). No beans, no quinoa, no good grains (farrow, barley etc).  As someone who doesn't particularly enjoy fish, I knew that this wasn't sustainable, so, I made up my own rules -

  1. No dairy or wheat
  2. Only brown or unprocessed grains
  3. No added sugar (only maple sugar or honey, and in VERY small quantities)
  4. Focus on colorful meals
So far, it's actually been fairly easy.  I did a massive Trader Joe's shop and bought a ton of good stuff and purged my cabinets of all things not approved.  Part of my work schedule involves eating a number of meals a week in the dining hall (I work at a boarding school), which is challenging, but I'm able to see the menu ahead of time and plan accordingly. To give you an idea, here are some of the things I've been eating this week

Breakfast - 2 eggs, 1/2 cup barley, sautéed kale, little bit of salt (repeat times a million)

Lunch - Kale/Tomatoes/Cannelini beans sautéed together OR Warm tuna salad (tuna, kale, olive oil, curry powder)

Dinner - Some combination of veggies and either tofu or salmon - I pick something to defrost and marinate (ginger, garlic, fresh squeezed OJ, dash of soy sauce) in the morning.

I usually snack during the afternoon on some combination of nuts and fruit - dried apricots and almonds or apples and cashew butter are favorites.

And that's that!  I'll do an update next week about how it's all going, but for now, I'm not finding anything super difficult.  We'll see how long my kale love affair lasts...

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