Friday, January 2, 2015

Tallulah - 2 Months Later

Tallulah will be 5 months old on January 6th, and a lot has changed, for both her and I, in the 2 months that I've had her.  I grew up with dogs, so I had an idea how hard it would be, and how great, and our experience has definitely lived up to and exceeded all of my expectations.


- Lost all of her baby teeth (one came out in my ear lobe while we were wrestling) and has, for the most part, stopped chewing on inappropriate things

- Loves her crate, is okay with walking, and adores other dogs especially her Auntie June

- Graduated from puppy kindergarten and comes when she's called about 40% of the time

- Sleeps with her head buried


- Am now much better about putting my belongings away, in order to avoid puppy teeth marks on everything

- Nearly lost my mind when a ripped toenail led to blood all over my apartment, but figured it out with only minimal Mumma support

- Lost the puppy-sleeping-in-my-bed fight LONG ago, and am much better snuggled for it

- Can't quite remember what my life was like before I had her, except at 6:45 on Sunday mornings, when I'm walking around outside in the freezing cold, rather than relaxing in bed with coffee

She's damn cute, mostly fun to be with and the best part of my days.

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