Friday, January 16, 2015

Microsoft OneNote // How I use it

For anyone who isn't aware of this, I am an organization obsessive.  Whenever I'm anxious about something, I start trying to manage it to the point of ridiculousness (the order in which  I will pack things into which suitcases...).  When I got my job and started on my professional-ish journey, I started looking for ways to organize my whole world in one place.  It seemed like a tall order, until I saw this post from Carly, at The College Prepster.  Cue the angel choruses.  Now, I organize everything (every.thing.) in OneNote.

The best thing about OneNote, for me, is that there are no restrictions on how you lay things out, and there are nearly unlimited levels of organization.  The first level is notebooks, which function a little bit (in my head) like binders. I make notebooks for things like Travel, Home, Personal, Photography etc.  In each notebook, you can then add sections, and pages within the sections.

In my Home notebook, I have sections for Groceries, Target, Meal Plan, Projects, Tallulah and Address Book.  Some of these don't need additional sections (like my grocery list), but other's have lots, like my meal plan, which I add a new page to every week.  Within each page, you can add as many boxes as you want, and move the boxes around all over the page.

This is my high level organization crazy, coming out to play

The layout is super simple and easy to navigate, which I love, and I love that I'm able to keep everything in one place, but separate.  And the best part is that notebooks can sync across devices, so I can make changes on my computer that show up on my phone.

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  1. I ran across your blog via Pinterest - I'm always on the search for the perfect work tote so your blog popped up. It's so good! I've really enjoyed reading your posts - especially on organization, budgeting, and totes :)